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Mother and Daughter Hugging


"My daughter was struggling with anxiety that gave her physical pain and stress, we had tried various medications and saw a paediatric doctor. Since we started working together my daughters anxiety has almost disappeared and physical symptoms massively reduced. 

We were concerned it wouldn't be worth her missing school for, but I would say give it a try even if you have concerns. It has been the best thing for my daughter."

Young person

"I was struggling a lot with my attendance and using unhealthy coping mechanisms due to my anxiety and body issues. I had been to the doctors various times, tried different therapists, but nothing seemed to help me.

Now my attendance has gone up to 100% at school, I have learnt various coping strategies for my anxiety, I'm getting more sleep and my overall mood has got a lot better.


It's worth it, I never thought I could be helped this much and here I am."

Teenagers in Nature
Family Portrait at the Park


"Our daughter had had anxiety for some years and it was affecting her attendance at school and her well-being. [She] seems happier, able to think clearly about how she is feeling and why. She has learned a lot about how to manage her feelings. Her attendance at school is excellent. We wish we had found you earlier!

Give it a go. You may learn something valuable about yourself, about what makes you tick and what helps you in your life."

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